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Strategic, Experienced Service

Companies face a number of complex financial accounting and reporting challenges. These challenges often require specialized skills beyond what your full-time accounting and finance personnel or bookkeepers have. It is common that organizations don’t have the needed capacity to deal with each their critical issues. Maggart’s experienced professionals can help you navigate the web of financial reporting, industry, and other transaction-related accounting challenges that are necessary to meet your financial, operational, and strategic objectives.

Beyond analyzing your financial statements and addressing your tax and assurance needs, we offer a rational, solutions-based approach tailored to the industries you serve. Whether it’s compliance, streamlining processes and procedures to improve strategies and operations, or needing advisory services so you can confidently navigate the transaction process, we are here to help you mitigate risks, explore opportunities, complement your strengths, and provide customized solutions to address your most demanding operational challenges.

Technical Accounting

Our expertise can help ease the burden of applying existing accounting standards or adopting new accounting standards like ASC 326 (Current Expected Credit Losses), ASC 606 (Revenue Recognition), or 842 (Leases). We will also walk through the full impact of accounting so you can alter systems and processes, as necessary, to facilitate better financial and operational reporting.

Many organizations don’t have the capacity or necessary skills in-house to manage the research, resolutions and documentation that complex accounting matters require. Leave the heavy lifting to us. We help organizations like yours deal with complexity of technical accounting issues every day.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Business owners often consider selling or transitioning their business to cut losses, free up time and money for other ventures, lock in profits and achieve financial freedom, or create stability for employees. Conversely, business owners may want to merge with acquire another business to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) can be among the riskiest, — but potentially most rewarding — decisions an executive or business owner makes. Although stakes are high, having experienced advisors guide you through the acquisition, divestiture or financing process can prove valuable in the overall success of a transaction. Maggart has helped numerous small to mid-size public and private companies navigate the M&A landscape.

Each transaction is different and presents specific opportunities and challenges. Our depth of industry knowledge and familiarity with the buy side and sell side allow us to provide comprehensive M&A support. We will work with you to take the necessary steps to maximize the value of the deal and provide tailored solutions that meet your goals and objectives. We can help you:

  • Identify transactions
  • Prepare for transactions
  • Advise on deal structure
  • Provide post-transaction planning and advisory services

Due Diligence

The major reason transactions fail is the lack of comprehensive due diligence. Successful M&As require buyers and sellers to clearly understand their respective opportunities and risks.

A complete due diligence process enables buyers to know exactly what they are getting. Alternatively, a detailed due diligence process can build trust with the sellers and create a smoother flow of information from the buyers to the sellers which increases the likelihood of success. Adequate sell side due diligence can often lead to better deal pricing.

We’ll analyze the deal structure to maximize opportunities for tax savings, which can often be significant. Our team will take a customized approach that meets your goals and objectives help you with the decision-making process. We can help you with:

Financial & Operational Due Diligence (Buyer or Seller)
  • Quality of earnings and revenue
  • Quality of assets
  • Working capital
  • Identifying unidentified contingent liabilities
  • Analyze business risks and trends
  • Identifying related-party transactions
  • Pricing optimization
  • Deal synergies and cost savings
  • Operational efficiencies
Tax Due Diligence
(Buyer or Seller)
  • Structuring
  • Identify tax issues
  • Post-transaction tax planning
Post Transaction
(Buyer or Seller)
  • Purchase price allocation schedules
  • Assistance with working capital true-up
  • Financial modeling
  • Assurance services
  • Tax services
  • Advisory services

Strategic Planning

Managing a business is challenging with shifting workforce demographics and changes in employee engagement in addition to the typical business issues every company faces, such as finding ways to increase revenue, reduce costs, grow a customer base, and stay ahead of regulatory changes.

Many organizations lack a formal strategic plan. As a result, day-to-day decisions made by management and other key decision makers may be short-sided or not focused enough to help you achieve your goals.

Maggart will collaborate with you and your management team to develop tailored strategies that support your objectives at each stage of your company’s life cycle. We can work through the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your industry to help you with maximizing the company’s resources.

We offer goal-oriented framework that will tailored to your industry, involve your employees, create actionable projects, and monitor progress.

Internal Controls

Internal controls are an effective way to help safeguard your organization against loss of reputation and decrease in shareholder value by establishing adequate checks and balances. Enhancing your risk management processes and internal control environment can lower or prevent your organization’s exposure to fraud and help maintain compliance.

In addition to our internal audit services, we offer focused process and control solutions to help you resolve a wide range of organizational and operational challenges. Your organization’s written policies, processes and procedures are often crucial in contract disputes, compliance audits, internal controls implementation, and other scenarios. We can help you develop policies and procedures that follow industry best practices, improve efficiency, help prevent fraud, and comply with a wide range of regulatory requirements.

If you are further along in the maturation of your control processes, we can help you formalize controls with a risk-based approach specific to the industry you operate in. We can help you with:

  • Risk assessments
  • Internal control design and enhancement
  • Development of an internal control compliance program

Internal Audits

Organizations today operate in fast-paced environments with an increased focus on governance and a constantly evolving risk landscape. Developing a risk assessment with appropriate responses is crucial This is where internal audit proves essential. A high-performing internal audit function can:

  • Play a vital role in strengthening an organization’s overall risk management and control environment
  • Identify, prioritize and mitigate current and emerging risks
  • Provide confidence that an organization’s risk management and mitigation strategies are effective, add value and contribute to organizational goals

In many small organizations the cost of having internal personnel perform internal audit functions is not cost effective. One solution is to outsource to a professional services firm.

Whether you’re looking to establish an internal audit function, maintain compliance with SOX 404, mitigate fraud risk, or gain an understanding of your internal controls, you can trust Maggart to serve your needs. We’ve helped many companies across various industries establish internal control structures, create an internal audit function or improve an existing one, and maintain regulatory compliance.

If needed, we provide ongoing education for management and boards to keep them informed as regulations and public perceptions change. We provide turnkey solutions for external auditors that generates confidence in our work and its results.

Startup Services

We are dedicated to helping startups and growth-oriented companies with management and financial expertise. Maggart understands that entrepreneurs don’t have time to focus on the bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and administrative areas of a startup business. We have significant experience guiding early-stage startup companies in a variety of industries — from de novo community banks to restaurant concepts to software providers.

We also have the resources to assist you with your day-to-day financial and accounting tasks described in our CFO Services. We will create a customized solution to fit your needs — from entity selection to raising capital to setting up your general ledger to managing operations.

CFO Services

The role of the CFO has changed significantly over time. Today’s CFO juggles many responsibilities. CFOs have oversight or input into operations, information technology, strategic planning, risk management, accounting function, among others.

Our CFO services practice focuses on helping companies identify, design and execute strategies that transcend finance and accounting to meet today's demanding environment. We serve small businesses in many industries including those that don’t need a formalized finance and accounting function to regulated companies with separate finance and accounting departments. Our goal is to share our resources to help you manage risks, effectively leverage capital, and maximize liquidity.

The scope of our services includes providing:

  • Financial projections and budgeting
  • Personal financial statements
  • Financial packages to facilitate lender underwriting
  • Profitability analysis/margin analysis
  • Strategic cost management/cost reduction
  • Working capital management/treasury/cash management
  • Audit preparation/ readiness

We have a relationship with an affiliated multi-faceted firm, BRM, that offers managerial and financial experience to small and emerging companies. BRM’s expertise ranges from bookkeeping services to part-time CEO/COO/CFO services by proven industry veterans.

We are well connected with additional resources available to assist in meeting any needs that our clients might require. By combining our expertise, experience, and staff cohesion, we can ensure that every client receives the personalized attention they deserve.

SEC Services

Maggart is a PCAOB registered firm. Our team receives ongoing education and training to stay informed of the most recent SEC accounting and reporting issues. Our professionals are prepared to meet your assurance needs in addition to offering specialized advisory services. We pride ourselves on having the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to provide solutions typically offered by larger firms while providing personalized and responsive service you expect to receive at a local firm. Our most common SEC consulting and advisory services include:

  • SOX implementation and compliance testing
  • Due diligence services
  • Technical accounting consulting
  • Assistance with SEC filings such as 10-Q, 10-K, S-1, etc.

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